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On Watch March 10, 2021

On Watch March 10, 2021

  March 10, 2021


Words from the CEO

cmisapresidentimg-jan272021.jpgWelcome to our fourth edition of On Watch, and what a time it is for shipbuilding in Canada! While many of us are focused on supporting the National Shipbuilding Strategy, there are also great opportunities on the commercial side as well. CMISA recently hosted a members workshop in partnership with the Canadian Ferry Association, to discuss the exciting opportunities that present themselves in new builds, retrofits and infrastructure construction over the next 10 years. Creating connections for the marine sector is a key priority for CMISA, and we are pleased to continue to offer workshops, networking opportunities, a sector-wide job board, and updated notices of procurement (see the resource section below in the newsletter.)

Happy reading, and please feel free to pass this newsletter on to your colleagues and contacts.

Colin Cooke


CMISA Hosts an Information Workshop with the Canadian Ferry Association

On March 3rd, CMISA hosted a members-only virtual seminar with the Canadian Ferry Association on new opportunities, with over 40 members in attendance. The Canadian Ferry Association represents about 90% of all ferry owners and operators in Canada, representing about 95% of ferry passenger traffic, with over 60 million passengers. Serge Buy, CEO of the CFA, presented the results of a recent 2021 survey on planned expenditures over the next decade, which total a sizable $10 billion, of which $2.9 billion will be in refits of vessels, $4 billion in new vessel construction, and another $3.2 billion in terminal infrastructure upgrades.

These estimates are conservative and are likely to be much higher.  Some key areas of challenges will include the costs of new technology (new types of propulsion systems for example), regulations (particularly in the area of greenhouse gas emission reductions), environmental and social responsibility, mariner shortages, and funding. With the Canadian geographical realities causing us to address issues of the adaption of technologies in isolated regions as well as protecting marine wildlife, these will provide further stimulus to the development of innovative solutions.

And while capacity for additional shipbuilding and repair varies from the shipyard to shipyard, there are clear opportunities for Canada’s yards and supply chains to participate in this promising ferry construction program here in Canada. CMISA will offer an additional seminar in the near future where the marine sector will present to the ferry owners and operators. 

Australia and Naval Group agree on Future Submarine progress funding and local industry content

Tense negotiations between Canberra and French shipbuilder Naval Group over future costs and the percentage of local industry content in Australia’s AUD90 billion (USD70 billion) Future Submarine Program have concluded with agreements on both issues, Janes has learnt.

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Windship Technology powers first True Zero-Emission Ship Design with High-Performance Rig Technology

Windship Technology, Britain’s leading True Zero Emission company for the shipping industry, can today confirm the findings from the world-leading Wolfson Unit of the University of Southampton following a detailed study into its innovative and patented triple wing rig.

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New Study Provides Overview of Vessels Traffic in Canada’s Pacific Region

Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping, an independent not-for-profit research centre that supports safe and sustainable marine shipping in Canada, contracted Nuka Research and Planning Group, LLC, to conduct a study to provide a clear, comprehensive picture of the commercial vessels operating in Canada’s Pacific region, their typical routes and behaviours, and the quantity and type of oil they carry. 

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Port of Montreal Welcomes Ottawa Green Light for Contrecoeur Project

The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) welcomed today’s statement by Jonathan Wilkinson, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada, on the Contrecoeur expansion project by the Port of Montreal. 

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L3Harris Picked for DARPA Autonomous Surface Ship Concept Design

L3Harris Technologies has been selected to design an autonomous surface ship concept for the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to demonstrate the reliability and feasibility of an unmanned ship performing lengthy missions.

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Singapore’s navy tests a new layer of surveillance: unmanned vessels

MELBOURNE, Australia – Singapore is testing unmanned surface vessels with a locally developed, AI-driven navigation algorithm that could be used for maritime security operations in the congested but strategically important waters around the southeast Asian island nation.

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In defence of Canadian shipbuilding

Budgets, it is said, can sink warships. Reports by the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) and Auditor General (AG) last week into Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) paint a challenging picture for the multi-decade effort to build 52 large ships for the navy and coast guard. 

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Irving to reopen Halifax Shipyard after extensive COVID-19 testing

Irving's Halifax Shipyard is expected to reopen Tuesday after a positive COVID-19 test last week shut down the entire worksite. Irving spokesperson Tom Ormsby said work will start again with Tuesday's day shift.

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Marine innovation hub names executive and board

A one-time skeptic has taken the reins as acting chief executive of the region’s marine innovation hub, the Centre for Ocean Applied Sustainable Technologies (COAST).

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Fed’s navy, shipbuilding plan delayed by mismanagement: Auditor general

Federal auditor general Karen Hogan delivered a stark warning Thursday that government mismanagement is threatening to leave the navy and coast guard without the ships they need to defend Canada and protect its waterways.

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Perks for Members

CMISA promotes and supports our industry with activities to:

  • Build and maintain ships for Canada and for the private sector (Build & Maintain)
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