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On Watch December 1, 2021

On Watch December 1, 2021


  December 1, 2021


Words from the CEO


Welcome to another edition of On Watch. Winter is almost here, and although we may not be spending as much leisure time in or on the water, our marine projects are certainly not slowing down. You will note that we have seen everything from new builds to major refits to breaking projects announced of late.

Our Member Spotlight this edition features Doreen Egger, Senior Vice President, Marine Services at Aon, the dominant marine insurance company on the West Coast. And if there is any doubt about the state of shipbuilding in Canada, if the major insurance supplier says it’s “a big deal”, then we are certainly on the right track! If you would like to join our growing number of members and enjoy our attractive member benefits, including original editorial content like these Member Spotlights, please contact and we would be thrilled to get you on board.

As always, please also take a look at our newly launched Maritime Sector Job Board, and head over to our website to have a look - you will find a link at the bottom of this newsletter. We are constantly adding new opportunities from across the country and at the time of writing, we had over a dozen companies posting some 44 positions all across the country.

Until next time, happy reading!

Colin Cooke

CEO and President




Member Spotlight: Doreen Egger

Marine insurance is a very specialised field, with few players and a cyclical nature. According to Doreen Egger, Senior Vice President, Marine Services, it’s all about relationships and exceptional team work. Aon has been in the marine insurance business for many years, and brings a team with in-depth experience and qualifications to this niche market. Aon is the dominant marine insurance broker on the West Coast, and has played a significant role with Seaspan Shipyards as it builds large vessels for the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard through the National Shipbuilding Strategy. As Doreen points out, “Shipbuilding in Canada is a big deal.  Very large values are being created by our shipyards and we need to find enough capacity to insure our vessels.”

Aon is an important part of the Canadian shipbuilding supply chain. The company uses all of the available Canadian licensed insurers to involve as many Canadian companies as possible to spread the work out within our domestic industry. At the same time, Aon’s extensive global connections are vital due to the large values involved in shipbuilding. Aon is very proud to be part of the Seaspan team in building new vessels for Canada.

Doreen has experienced the growth of the shipbuilding sector through her 50 years at Aon. With this long view, Doreen recognizes how important it is to maintain shipbuilding in Canada. As she says, “The talent had left shipbuilding and gone to other industries, people did not see a future in it anymore, and it’s so exciting now that they see that future again.” And Doreen has seen the sector change in other ways as well. When she began marine insurance was dominated by men, and women had to work hard to establish themselves, and now there are careers across the sector opening up to a greater diversity of workers. Being part of the Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association has helped Doreen promote the marine sector, ensure that marine remains an important part of Aon’s business and improve the profile of the marine insurance industry within Canada. 

Fall 2021 NATO Innovation Challenge

Adversarial attempts to manipulate human behaviour will present an enduring challenge to Allied nations’ defence and security. This emerging threat of modern warfare goes beyond controlling the flow of information. Cognitive warfare seeks to change not only what people think, but also how they act. Attacks against the cognitive domain involve the integration of cyber, disinformation/misinformation, psychological, and social-engineering capabilities. The new operating environment for decision-makers engages their ability to both detect and respond to attacks on the cognitive domain.


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Province Supports New Training Program for Boatbuilders

A partnership between the Province, the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association and Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) will provide skills training and employment opportunities while addressing a labour shortage in the boatbuilding industry.


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Heddle Shipyards Wins CCGS Amundsen Life Extension Contract

Heddle Shipyards said it has been awarded the vessel life extension of the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker CCGS Amundsen.


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Canada considers tougher GHG rules for shipping in proposal at international meeting

Canada is considering an international proposal that would double the ambition of its greenhouse gas emissions targets from shipping -- a plan observers say the country seems ready to support. 


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Final Island-class ferry passes through Panama Canal en route to Victoria

The sixth and final new Island-class ferry has passed through the Panama Canada as it heads to Victoria after sailing out of Romania in mid-October.

Dubbed Island Six for now, the diesel-electric hybrid ferry is on schedule to arrive at Point Hope Maritime in Vic West by the end of this year. It will receive a name prior to going into service with another new Island-class vessel in 2022 on the Nanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island run.


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Decommissioned Coast Guard ship being dismantled at Nanaimo marina

NANAIMO — It’s the end of an era, one bolt at a time.

The W.E. Ricker is slowly being dismantled at Canadian Maritime Engineering Ltd., just north of the Townsite Marina.

The Canadian Coast Guard told NanaimoNewsNOW the process will continue through until the end of February 2022, with the 43-year-old vessel having weight removed from it gradually by removing deck equipment and other structures while afloat.


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3D printed parts approved by ABS after half year trial

ABS, ConocoPhillips Polar Tankers, Sembcorp Marine and 3D Metalforge have taken a significant and tangible step to make additive manufacturing (AM) – also known as 3D printing – a reality in the marine industry through a joint development project. Parts fabricated by AM and installed on an oil tanker by Sembcorp Marine six months ago have been validated to be in good working condition.


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Some Comments on CSC Armaments & Aussie Comparisons

Earlier this week, my fellow CNR colleague Dr. Dan Middlemiss published some thoughts on a latest report on the Australian Hunter class frigate program and what lessons they may impart for Canada. Although I agree with his broader observations regarding the general difficulties and challenges both countries will continue to face in their quest to adapt the base Type 26 design for their respective frigates, I would like to address - and dare I say to such a distinguished figure in Canadian naval history, correct - a few points brought up in his post.


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Post-acceptance Trials Begin For Royal Canadian Navy's Second AOPS

The Royal Canadian Navy has begun conducting post-acceptance trials of the future HMCS Margaret Brooke, the service’s second Harry DeWolf-class Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS).

The trials will be carried out over a span of two weeks. The ship’s commissioning will be announced by the navy at a later date.

Built by Irving Shipbuilding, the future Margaret Brooke was delivered to the navy in July of this year.


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Canada Ranks 10th In Global Blue Barometer Report, Named A Blue Technology Leader

The MIT Technology Review released its inaugural Blue Technology Barometer report, ranking 66 countries and territories with large or economically significant ocean coastlines on their progress and commitment toward ocean sustainability.


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Wheatley ship builder lands $25M contract to refurbish coast guard lifeboats

Hike Metal Products has landed another massive contract with the Canadian Coast Guard, a $25-million deal to refurbish lifeboats that guarantees six years of work at the company.


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Autonomous Battery-Powered Container Ship Completes Maiden Voyage 

The world's first autonomous, battery-powered container ship has completed its maiden voyage in Norway.

The 120 TEU container ship Yara Birkeland took its maiden voyage in the Oslo fjord, and is set to start commercial operations next year, commodity producer Yara said in a statement on its website on Friday.


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